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The 2021 Spring Collection is here!

The day some friends left Hawaii another friend of ours came over and sang us a song - all of us teary eyed and swaying with our arms around each other. It was about friends leaving, the bonds we create and the memories we carry with us. The chorus was “all good things come to an end”, and I let that phrase wash over me again and again in the weeks that followed. It’s not sad, it’s just the cycle of things, things must end so that we can have the next chapter. 2020 was hard on most of us, and for me, 2021 also started as a difficult year. But coming to Hawaii and learning to find my own way in such a beautiful place, of easing into new chapters, and the beauty that was all around me. I took to collecting shells and spending time in the sea. The colors of this collection are inspired by the nacre of shells, those gorgeous iridescent colors that feel diaphanous and light. The nacre of shells is beautiful, yet strong and resilient, and there to keep the creature safe.

May these pieces remind you of your own strength and resilience, of your beauty and complexity, and may they keep you safe, in these constant cycles of life. Everything is possible. There’s so much beauty out there, you just have to keep going. 

Adventure on, my loves.