Sif - Golden Flowers
Sif - Golden Flowers

Sif - Golden Flowers

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I made this collection for my wedding, curating each piece for special women in my life. Created with the natural world as a compass - to celebrate our connection to beauty, transformation, and growth. Whether you are passing through your own threshold in life or you want to honor our interconnectedness and the inner beauty around us that reflects the beauty within each of us  - these were created for you. 

These are named after the Norse goddess Sif - a goddess renowned for her exceptional beauty and deep associations with fertility, grain, and the bountiful harvest. In Norse mythology, Sif is a golden-haired goddess associated with earth.

One of a kind sample. 

Hand sculpted lost wax cast earrings. Made in solid sterling silver or recycled brass.

Made with hours of love.

Ready to ship.