The Figure Eight in Silver.
The Figure Eight in Silver.

The Figure Eight in Silver.

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The Figure Eight.

The first knot we are taught as climbers. The first knot of the day. The quintessential climber's knot. 

This is a collaboration piece, between Bri Bol and Sasha DiGiulian. We believe in simplicity, and the freedom to express multitudes. We designed this necklace to represent the inherent grace and femininity within climbing; to remind us that we can be bold and elegant, at the same time.

The Figure Eight is a partner in your adventures, as well as a reminder of those still left to be had. 

We hope The Figure Eight encourages you to climb your own route.

The Figure Eight pendant is in solid sterling silver. If your necklace ever begins to patina a simple polishing cloth will brighten her right back up!

16" length


The Figure Eight is meant to be lived in and loved.




Bri and Sasha